Four Great Guys 'Outliers'

03/23/2012 05:11 pm ET

Sasha Issenberg explains how the Santorum campaigns functions without a pollster.

Jonathan Bernstein warns reporters about polling outliers.

Josh Kraushaar tires of the proliferation of polls.

Nate Silver introduces a magic number calculator for the Republicans.

David Graham explains why the GOP should try to attract urban voters.

Glen Bolger shares quick hits on "delusional Democrats" and the potential for lead changes in 2012.

Mark Mellman cautions that perceptions of an improving economy do not equal a "better" economy.

Peyton Craighill and Jon Cohen review one-word open-end evaluations of the Republican candidates; Scott Clement adds response from Twitter.

PPP apologizes for bad numbers in the Illinois 10th District primary.

Derrick Harris argues that social media makes polling obsolete.

The Onion finds that the best part of primary season has been spending time with four great guys.


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