03/23/2012 05:35 pm ET

Funny Picture: 'Future Bros Of America' (PHOTOS)

There are many skills you want to teach your kids when they're young: ABCs, 123s, shoe-tying, beer pong ... wait, what?


We don't condone underage drinking. But, this photo as satire? Harmless. Scratch that. Hilarious. Especially coupled with the title that slapped on it -- "Future Bros Of America".

Here's a question though. What were these children doing? It looks like they were in a classroom. Is this a learning activity? Also, isn't the game over? Little kid on the right has no cups. Perhaps they should head outside to funnel Capri Sun.

These aren't the only mini-grownups out in the world. Below, our favorite photos of babies doing adult things.


Kids Doing Adult Things