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Kathy Bates On 'Two And A Half Men' As Charlie Sheen's Character And More TV Re-Castings

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The news that Charlie Harper would be returning to "Two and a Half Men" almost broke the Internet -- not because the show had already killed off the character that Charlie Sheen made famous, but because they're having someone else play the role. And that someone is Kathy Bates.

Yes, it's a switcheroo made in comedy heaven. Obviously, Sheen is less than welcome back on the show he parted ways with and has not stopped bashing since, but Kathy Bates? A 63-year-old woman playing a 46-year-old man? Sheen says he's "honored" -- Bates has won an Oscar, after all -- but fans aren't pleased. (Just look at the comments on our story for proof.)

Still, this isn't the first shocking TV character re-casting to illicit fan rage. While many shows will replace main characters (see: Kirstie Alley's Rebecca Howe replacing Shelley Long's Diane Chambers as boss of "Cheers," and so many more), there are others that choose to pull a switcheroo instead. Do they think TV viewers won't notice?

Here, some of the most memorable TV character switcheroos that left viewers scratching their heads!

Most Memorable TV Switcheroos
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[Editor's note: We tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible, but could not find decent archived images of Lionel from "The Jeffersons," a role that actor Mike Evans played off and on throughout the show's run (1975, 1979-82, 1984-85), with Damon Evans (no relation) stepping in for a few years in between (1975-79). Sorry George and Weezie!]

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