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Hank For Senate T-Shirts: Virginia Cat's U.S. Senate Campaign Selling New Items

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Hank for Senate campaign tshirts
Hank for Senate campaign tshirts

Vote for Hank. Or at least buy his t-shirts.

Hank, the 9-year-old former street cat vying for a Virginia seat in the U.S. Senate, is selling bipartisan campaign T-shirts.

Two new designs came out over the weekend. Ever the independent, one is modeled on the famous JFK "Leadership For The 60's" poster; the other, based on Dwight D. Eisenhower's wildly successful "I Like Ike" slogan, reads "I LIKE HANK."

Of course, not everyone likes Hank. The cat is running against two former Virginia governors for the seat vacated by human Sen. James Webb (D-Va.). Hank's campaign has been dogged by a negative ad suggesting the scrappy Maine Coon is a carpetbagger with no business running for office in Virginia. The super PAC "Canines for a Feline Free Tomorrow" has claimed credit for the video.

Reproductive rights are a key issue among the human candidates competing in the Virginia Senate race. Likewise among cat candidates. Hank's campaign is focusing on pet population control, as well as job creation and an effort to stop the University of Virginia from using cats in its pediatrics residency program.

The cat vows not to accept outside contributions to his Senate efforts. All T-shirt profits go to a spay and neuter program run by Animal Allies, the Virginia-based animal rescue group that, according to the campaign website, saved Hank and his family from death row almost a decade ago.

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