03/26/2012 06:57 pm ET

'The Good Wife' Spoilers: 'No Ordinary Lie' Game Change (PHOTOS)

Fans of "The Good Wife," you've been warned: There are spoilers ahead.

In the next new episode of "The Good Wife," titled "No Ordinary Lie," (Sun., April 15, 9 p.m. ET on CBS), Alicia and Jackie will go toe-to-toe. You may remember Alicia's quest to buy her old home was thwarted when Jackie made the purchase instead. The most recent episode, "Blue Ribbon Panel," ended with Alicia confronting Jackie, asking for some face time.

"No Ordinary Lie," which features appearances from Parker Posey and Matthew Perry, will also include a "Good Wife" game-changer: Peter's announcing his run for governor. Will Alicia stick around and play the doting wife?

Here's how CBS describes the episode:

"No Ordinary Lie" -- As Alicia counsels a client whether to accept a strict plea deal, she's distracted by Peter's newest political rival, whose actions force her back into the public spotlight.

Check out the preview photos below!