Katie Holmes: One Day, Two Confusing Outfits (PHOTOS)

03/28/2012 11:22 am 11:22:28 | Updated Mar 28, 2012

Katie Holmes must have packed light for her family's trip to New York this week.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, the Broadway actress pulled a tan sweater and a fedora over her slinky red dress and tan booties to meet a friend for breakfast.

And later, Katie left a hotel with Suri having changed into a belted pink floral jumpsuit, which she topped with what appears to be the same tan cardigan, and what's definitely the same tan booties.

We're feeling ambivalent about Katie's looks; while the jumpsuit is definitely chic, the mish-mash of fabrics on the other outfit is a little questionable.

But that's just our opinion! Check out the pics below and tell us what YOU think.


Katie Holmes Style Evo (CLONED For HuffPost Style)
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