03/29/2012 11:15 am ET

Harry Potter Film Set Opens To Tourists This Weekend At England's Leavesden Studios (PHOTOS)

Harry Potter lives on ... at least in Hertfordshire, England.

This weekend, Warner Bros. will open up the Leavesden studio sets to visitors, which sits some 20 miles from London.

Nearly all the original models and props are there, reports. Warner Bros. expects some 5,000 people to visit a day, the website reported. (London Mayor Boris Johnson got a sneak peek tour back in December.)

Admission doesn't come cheap though. Tickets are $44 per person (or $33 if you're under the age of 16) and numerous souvenirs will be available, which are also running steep. Our friends at Moviefone say that broomsticks will cost $397, wands will run $39 and if you're a super fan, a replica of Dumbledore's robe will cost you a cool $784.

Check out images from the studio below.


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