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Herman Cain: We Should Be 'Just As Outraged' By New Black Panther Threats As By Trayvon Martin's Death

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Herman Cain went on Fox News Thursday morning to defend the decision of his chosen candidate, Newt Gingrich, to stay in the GOP presidential primary. He argued that it actually hurts President Barack Obama's re-election campaign to continue the drawn-out process.

"Suppose Speaker Gingrich and Santorum and everybody drops out and just hands it over to Mitt Romney," he said. "That means that the administration would then be able to start to destroy Mitt Romney earlier rather than later. At least right now, they are not exactly sure how things are going to go."

Fox News host Martha McCallum also asked the former presidential candidate for his thoughts on the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Cain said it was "a tragic, unfortunate death of a young man."

He then pivoted to the threats being made against the shooter, George Zimmerman, by the New Black Panthers, who have offered a $10,000 bounty for a citizen's arrest of Zimmerman. Cain said that people should be "just as outraged" by the threats as they are about the death of Martin:

The first question is, where's the investigation? If Congressman Rush wanted to bring attention to the right problem, where is the investigation? All of the swirling rhetoric is not helping. This was a tragic, unfortunate death of a young man. The investigation should be the thing that would bring all of the facts and put them on the table before people continue with all of the swirling rhetoric.

The second bad thing about this -- where is the Justice Department relative to the threats being made by the Black Panthers, relative to this particular case? I'm not defending him or anybody else, I'm just saying, we have due process in this country. It generally starts with an investigation. We don't have the investigation or the facts. And secondly, when an organization or some people make some direct threats on any other citizen -- without having been tried -- that is illegal and the Justice Department ought to be doing something.

We should be just as outraged about that as we are about the death of this young man.

McCallum replied, "You bring up an excellent point. We haven't seen George Zimmerman since this whole thing started, and the New Black Panther Party has said they basically want his head. That is something that needs to be investigated alongside all of this as well."


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