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Posted: 03/29/12 08:20 AM ET  |  Updated: 03/29/12 08:20 AM ET

Nude Beach Near Prince William & Kate Middleton's Home? (PHOTOS)

Naturists in the U.K. are looking to get a beach near the Anglesley home of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge designated an official nudist site.

The areas of Newborough beach have attracted nudists for years -- it's even mentioned in guide books -- but now proponents are asking to make it an official spot, despite local opposition, the Daily Post reports.

An organization called British Naturism told the paper that the official status as a nude beach could bring more tourists to the area. A local councilman told the paper that he's in favor of making a strong decision, deciding to go full frontal or ban the nudity outright.

British Naturism commercial director Andrew Welch said, “In terms of the law, official recognition is not needed, but having this recognition would remove the doubt so people are aware it is a nudist beach.... This could also be good for the economy. What people forget is that naturists like other visitors come with money in their pockets to spend in local shops, restaurants and at beach car parks. We call it the buff-pound.”

Interestingly, the beach is just a few miles from where Prince William and the former Catherine Middleton make their home, according to the Telegraph. The area has also been home to numerous Hollywood shoots, including "Clash of the Titans."

A local landowner told The Telegraph: "I don't see any problem if it is kept under control. This is a beautiful area and we want people to enjoy it. But it's for everybody, not just for people who want to take their clothes off."

Last year, photos surfaced of Catherine and Pippa walking a nearby beach in the area. In February, Will and Kate were seen walking the beaches of the area with their new dog, Lupo.

Check out some of the best nude beaches in the world below.

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  • Saline Beach - St. Barth

    Tucked away underneath St. Barth's rocky hillside, feel free to forget everything at St. Barth's most secluded beach. Including your clothes. One member recalled his favorite all-time memory of St. Barth as "enjoying a Cuban cigar and a glass of french rose wine on Saline beach in the late afternoon - wearing nothing but a hat."

  • Es Cavallet Beach, Ibiza, Spain

    In America, we have the right to remain silent. The saucy Spanish, however, have the right to remain nude. According to <a href="" target="_hplink">this PDF</a>, penalization for nudity violates constitutional rights. We're happy about that because this <em>rear view</em> above makes us giggle. Es Cavallet (pictured) is one of Ibiza's gay-friendly nude beaches.

  • Haulover Beach - Miami, Florida

    Enter the beach near Haulover Park for big, bouncy, nude beach volleyball bliss. Who knew volleyball could ever be such a <em>spectator</em> sport.

  • Black's Beach - San Diego, California

    UC San Diego's mascot may be King Triton, but over by Black's Beach, its the bear. Join the Black Beach Bares, a group of local nudie sport enthusiasts, for a friendly round of stripped snorkeling, birthday suit boogie boarding or jiggly jogging.

  • Plage de Tahiti - St. Tropez, France

    No cameras allowed around this jet set crowd. Skip the ragmag subscription and catch a peak of your favorite celebrities' itties and bitties for free at this nude beach for the rich and the famous.

  • Praia do Pinho -Santa Catarina, Brazil

    The "itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini" is <em>nowhere</em> to be found here. In 1987, Pinho became the first nationally sanctioned au natural beach in Brazil. Its motto? "Clothing is not an option." Amen.

  • Paradise Beach - Mykonos, Greece

    Paradise Beach is just that. Marvel at the tannest and fittest bosoms Greece has to offer while partying all day and night at the bars and clubs surrounding the sand line.

  • Little Beach - Maui, Hawaii

    Feast your big eyes on Maui's Little Beach. Little Beach is Maui's official "unofficial clothing optional beach". If you're lucky, you might run into Dr. Leisure, an artist whose been painting scenes of nude beaches for the past ten years. If you're luckier, Dr. Leisure might paint you.

  • Playa El Agua--Margarita Island, Venezuela

    Here's an interesting fact. Margarita Island in Venezuela <a href="" target="_hplink">claims</a> that in countries where nude sunbathing is the norm, there is less incidence of sexual assault. Here's to unclothing with a cause. <em>Correction: A previous version of this slide incorrectly showed a photo of Pedro Gonzalez, also on Margarita Island. We apologize for the error.</em>

  • Baker Beach, San Francisco

    Baker Beach is part of San Francisco's famed Presidio and was once host to Burning Man. The half-mile long beach, which lies on the peninsula of San Francisco, has stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city. Be forewarned: nude bathing (or rather "clothing optional") is only allowed on the northern section.

  • Haulover Beach, Florida

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">TV people</a>:<br />This beautiful, family friendly, regionally run park beach north of Sunny Isles is a great example of a US clothing optional beach that is open to the public.

  • Wreck Beach - Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">stopgeorge</a>:<br />With or without their bathing suits, hundreds of thousands of people visit Canada's first and largest clothing-optional beach each year. This all-natural beach is 7.8 kilometers long and follows the coastline below a forested, 200-foot high, cliff system on the western tip of Vancouver. Eagles, kingfishers, and escaped domestic birds like parrots, lovebirds, and magpies hover about – as do vendors selling everything a sunbather’s heart desires, from sunscreen for your sensitive bits, to empanadas, organic fruit juices, and buffalo burgers to stave off those west coast munchies! Ah, Wreck Beach…so near to the city, and yet so far!

  • Hawaii - Kehena Black Sand Beach

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">Patricia Beach</a>:<br />Courtesy of Hangin'Loose Hawaii


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