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Sharp-shooting Grandmas Issue Challenge To Alaskans (VIDEO)

03/29/12 04:04 PM ET AP

Sharp Shooting Granny
Wynola Possenti is one of three Alaskan grandmothers who are challenging residents to compete against them in hunting, pistol marksmanship and rifle shooting,

FAIRBANKS, Alaska -- The Alaska Grandma Safe Shootin' Challenge has residents taking on three Fairbanks grandmothers in a local shooting range competition.

Grandmothers Dody Maki, Phyllis Trickey and Wynola Possenti are the women behind the challenge, which tests prowess in hunting, pistol marksmanship and rifle shooting, and promotes gun safety.

With just a couple of days left in the challenge, a commercial on local television, YouTube is drawing people to the range.

The final shoot-off is Sunday.


Filed by David Moye  |