03/29/2012 02:27 pm ET

Trayvon Martin Case: Nas Opens Up On Trayvon Martin's Legacy: Notable/Quotable

I have a son now, he’ll be three. And I’m thinking about him. He has to grow up in this society where people in high places [in the court] don’t see it important that somebody should be prosecuted for murder, just because the victim is black. And it’s a rage that goes through you that makes you want to react in all kinds of ways. I’m tired of marches, I’m tired of talking. And that’s the feeling that would come over me. But violence is not always the answer, but what do people do when there’s no justice? And someone like Trayvon, a 17-year-old, innocent smart kid killed by a coward, can now have a legacy that he would’ve never dreamed he had. Maybe he thought in football that he would have a legacy, but now his legacy can be something that can help change things, hopefully.

--Hip-hop veteran Nas opens up on the death of Trayvon Martin. (MTV News)

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