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'Food Stamp Friday' At Alabama Rose Supper Club Grants Needy Reduced Cover Charge

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- A nightclub in Alabama's capital city has come up with a unique theme night involving food support for needy families.

The Rose Supper Club in Montgomery will start "Food Stamp Friday" theme nights in April.

Clubbers who present a “food stamp card” will pay just a $5 cover charge, the Daily Caller reports.

Manager Harman Wilson says the night is meant to complement the club's other theme nights, such as Fat Tuesday, Karaoke Wednesday or Thirsty Thursday.

Wilson says patrons will not be able to use their food stamps to buy alcoholic beverages. He says he hopes the novel approach will draw people to the club.

Human Resources Department spokesman Barry Sparks says the department does not approve of the promotion. He says food assistance benefits are meant to provide nourishment for hungry families.

Even some of the Rose Supper Club's employees are opposed to the gimmick.

“Now that’s hurting somebody’s feelings,” Richard Thomas told the Daily Caller. “Name this party something else.”


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