03/30/2012 04:25 pm ET

Miley Cyrus Twitter: Disney Star Tweets Philosophies On Life, Love, Happiness

"Miley Cyrus or Mahatma Gandhi?" is not a question we often ask ourselves when pondering aphorisms on love, life and happiness. But the 19-year-old Disney star has been quite prolific in making profound statements on her Twitter account, which has lately been reading more like a "Love thy neighbor" manifesto than a teen queen's digital diary.

So, we're putting you to the test in a little game we'll call "Miley or Mahatma?" Check out the philosophical musings below and choose whether the wise sentiments came from Cyrus or Gandhi.

Vote below before checking the answer key (below slideshow) to see if you're dialed into Miley's new state of mind.

Miley Cyrus

1) Miley Cyrus
2) Miley Cyrus
3) Mahatma Gandhi
4) Miley Cyrus
5) Mahatma Gandhi