03/31/2012 04:48 pm ET

The Worst SNL Hosts Ever, According To Twitter (SLIDESHOW)

As the announcement this week of SNL's newest feature player Kate McKinnon can attest, the comedy staple continues to polarize audiences on almost every level, with fans and critics battling it out over the show's best and worst sketches, musical guests and hosts.

Lindsay Lohan's appearance earlier this year put her on at least one "Worst Host" list, while others reminded that she had nothing on Steven Seagal, Michael Phelps and Paris Hilton.

But Twitter users today decided to have some fun with the longstanding debate by naming more failed hosts under the hashtag "WorstSNL hosts -- though some of them seem like they might be pretty awesome. Or at least more bearable to watch than Louise Lasser, which topped Nerve's Worst Host List.

Check out the Twitter suggestions below, followed by Lasser's 1976 appearance.

Worst SNL hosts