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Carbs Without Cause: 8 Foods Worse Than White Bread

Posted: 03/31/2012 11:26 am Updated: 04/ 1/2012 9:53 am

By Elizabeth Goodman Artis for

White bread has pretty much become bad-for-you public enemy number one; who doesn't automatically order their turkey and Swiss on whole wheat? The reason, of course, is that white bread is processed -- it's had all its goodness stripped away, leaving a soft, squishy slice that was all the rage in the last century. But even if you're a whole-wheat convert, other processed carbs may be finding their way into your diet, many with more than an entire day's worth of recommended carbohydrates.

Your first line of defense is to opt for whole foods that are as close as possible to their original source, says Manual Villacorta, R.D., author of "Eating Free: The Carb Friendly Way to Lose Inches". And, as always, managing portion sizes is key. Otherwise, here are eight bad carbs that may be sneaking into your diet, even if you've sworn off the white slices forever.

Fancy Coffee Drinks
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Not only can these have as many calories as a meal, (sometimes upwards of 400) their carb count can be on par with a pre-marathon pasta binge; some have 60-80g of carbs per serving.

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CLARIFICATION: Language has been removed that confused the relationship between carbohydrates and sugar.

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