04/01/2012 04:13 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Home Makeover: How To Create A Stylish Kid-Friendly Living Space (VIDEO)

The Dilemma: The homeowners had a 'great room' in the back of their home that was very spacious. Although the open floor plan of the room had enormous potential, the homeowners had no idea how to make their furniture work. At the same time, they are a young family with a baby, so it was important that the room be kid-friendly as well.

The Fix: First, it was necessary to create 'zones' in the room -- specifically a living/sitting area and a designated kid's corner, which will help contain clutter. Additionally, creating zones helped divide the spacious room up, making it feel cozier.

To anchor the sitting area in the room, a three-seat sofa and an armchair with removable slipcovers were brought in. For a room that also needs to be kid-friendly, the removable slipcover is key since it can be easily taken off and washed.

Then, instead of a standard coffee table, a versatile upholstered ottoman was placed in the middle of the sitting area. This is a great alternative to a table that's also kid-friendly, since it doesn't have sharp edges and it can be spot-cleaned. At the same time it can still function as a coffee table with a tray on top, or even pinch hit as extra seating. Similarly, a sleek tall sofa table was used in lieu of a bulky entertainment center, to hold the electronics and the television, which ended up being anchored to the wall for added safety for the baby.

And, to really define the sitting area, ambiant lighting was added and a large rug was laid down to help give it the feeling of being a 'room within a room.' Then, drapes and artworks were hung up to help warm up the space.

With the living area all set, it was time to turn to the kid's (baby's) corner. The room had a recessed 'nook' in between two big closets, which created the perfect little space for the baby. Oftentimes, when kids don't have a dedicated spot for their own toys, it all tends to quickly clutter up a home. So, this small space was ideal for keeping all the toys and little fun games contained in one spot. For finishing touches, a pint-sized table and a extra storage for books were added to the corner along with some adorable pictures.

But what's best about the new arrangement for the room is that it's easy to keep an eye on the baby from the sitting area -- it's as simple as turning the armchair around.

Click on items in the images below and scroll through the product rails to find some of the pieces used in the makeover.


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