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Your 12 Worst Allergy Mistakes

Posted: 04/ 7/2012 10:08 am Updated: 04/ 7/2012 10:08 am

By Anne Harding

Allergies are the worst. A stuffy nose, itchy eyes, coughing and other allergy symptoms can make life a misery.

But is your own cluelessness contributing to the problem?

Here are the 12 biggest mistakes people make when it comes to allergies, and the smart ways to avoid them. There, don't you feel better already?

You Leave Windows Open
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Make it a rule to keep your windows closed and the air conditioner on when it's pollen season.

Be sure to set the AC to "recirculate," and if it's not hot outside, you can keep it in filter-only mode. Using an air conditioner in your car can cut the amount of pollen you breathe by as much as 30 percent, says Myngoc Nguyen, M.D., chief of allergy at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Northern California.

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