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Kim Dotcom Allowed To Record Album, Use Internet

04/ 2/12 01:09 PM ET AP

Kim Dotcom Album

AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- The founder of file-sharing website Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, is being allowed back online.

Dotcom was previously denied Internet access under bail conditions imposed by New Zealand authorities after his January arrest. He remains under house arrest.

U.S. prosecutors seeking to extradite Dotcom accuse him of racketeering by facilitating millions of illegal downloads of copyrighted material on his website.

New Zealand Judge David Harvey on Monday said Dotcom's behavior since his arrest appears to have been "exemplary."

The judge ruled Dotcom could access the Internet, go swimming once a day, travel twice a week to an Auckland studio to record music, and meet once a week with his co-accused Megaupload colleagues ahead of an August extradition hearing.

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