04/02/2012 01:23 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2012

Mega Millions: New York Loses Jackpot, Sells 17 Second-Place Tickets (VIDEO)

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No one in New York won the Mega Millions this weekend (Illinois, Kansas and Maryland got lucky) but 17 tickets did turn up second-place prizes worth $250,000, and 10 of those tickets were bought right here in the Big Apple.

Second place winners had to guess the first five correct numbers without correctly guessing that pesky Megaball.

"Arrrrrrghh! That could have been $640 million if only I had that one number!” runner-up Diancai Zhou, the 38-year-old owner of Fuji Japanese Cuisine in Forest Hills, told The New York Post. Zhou is splitting the winnings with a dozen staffers and friends. After taxes everyone will receive about $14,000. "One number off!" Zhou's friend, Ivy Song lamented. "I feel lucky and unfortunate at the same time."

The manager from the neighboring bodega where they bought the ticket thinks the win is a good omen.

“I'm lucky. My store is lucky and the customer is lucky too,” Shahabuddin Sikder of 113 Newsstand told ABC7.

But of course, the vast majority of us didn't win a dime. “I bought four tickets and I thought I was going to quit my job,” Wilentz Davis, 43, told The New York Daily News while standing in line Saturday to buy more tickets in the Bronx. “But I got to work on Monday."

Megamillions anticipation reached fever pitch Friday as the jackpot jumped to a record-breaking $640 million.

If you believe in luck, these are the other stores that sold the second-place tickets, and might be a good bet for the next time Mega Millions rolls into town:


Zidya News on W. 14th Street
Shaizal on Cortlandt Street
Eyebrow Unlimited on W. 32nd Street
Sweet Banana Candy Company on 9th Street


Arthur Cantina on Arthur Avenue
Harb Discount on E. Bedford Park Boulevard
High Ridge News on Broadway


113 News on Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills


International Deli on 14th Avenue


Arden Shell gas station on Arthur Kill Road