Punch! Spoofs North Korea Tourism Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

04/02/2012 05:53 pm 17:53:11

Vacations to North Korea are a pretty difficult sell. Punch!, a new pop culture magazine, took the challenge on in a new mock television ad campaign.

The company — which is the brainchild of Radar's Maer Roshan, Daily Candy's Dany Levy and the American Independent News Network's David S. Bennahum — issued a mock press release on Monday, announcing that the country is sponsoring the launch of its iPad app. According to the statement, recently-appointed President Kim Sung Un is "very fond of his iPad and Daily Candy, so when he heard the famous mogul Mrs. Dany Levy was involved with a new ipad app, he had us find her immediately."

Punch! parodied North Korea's tourism campaign in a fake ad. The spoof touts all the amenities of the "new" Pyongyang.

So what's in store for tourists in the new North Korea, according to the video? Luxury buses, "a new and improved leader," "chili dog," an "exercising car," "no more scary times," "Mad About You" season 1, and more.

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