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San Francisco Pet Adoptions: The Most Unique Batch Of Animals Yet (PHOTOS)

By Posted: 04/ 2/2012 4:36 pm Updated: 04/ 2/2012 8:58 pm

Guinea Pig
These Adorable Pets All Need Homes

This week’s batch of adorable animals in tHuffPost SF’s pet adoption series is the most unique mix we’ve ever had.

The array of interesting animals is appropriate, considering that the San Francisco Animal Care and Control, where all the cuddly friends are currently housed, has an open door policy towards all exotic and domestic animals in need of medical attention and in search of a good home.


With the diverse mix of adoptable pets today, there’s no excuse not to take a new friend home. Whether you need a small guinea pig to keep you company, a pigeon to carry your mail, or even a simple puppy, there’s something for everyone. And just in case you didn’t get enough bunnies last week, there’s a new one in this week’s mix as well.

As usual, all the cats and dogs featured are spayed or neutered and ready to be adopted.

If the idea of a pigeon sounds a little too messy, then come back next week to check out our newest batch of San Francisco’s most eligible animals.

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  • Willow

    Willow is a 3 month old female American Pit Bull terrier mix.

  • Barnabay

    Barnabay is a young male guinea pig.

  • Belle

    Belle is an adult female Hotot rabbit.

  • Dixie

    Dixie is a 12 year old female long-hair cat.

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse is an adult King pigeon.

  • Gabe

    Gabe is a 9 year old male Chihuahua.

  • Lucky

    Lucky is an 8 month old make German Shepherd mix.

  • Trey

    Trey is a 4 year old male Siamese cat.

  • Winnie

    Winnie is a 4 year old female Tabby cat.


Filed by Sarah Medina  |