04/03/2012 09:05 pm ET Updated Apr 04, 2012

BART Seats Get New Overhaul (VIDEO)

Here's a fun game: Open this link in a new tab on your browser, start playing the video and then come back to this page and play the clip situated above.

Now, what you're seeing is a high-definition time-lapse of a team of BART workers putting new covers on the some of the train system's beloved/disgusting seats.

The seats being installed in the video aren't the classic, fecal-borne, bacteria-filled wool benches that BART riders have come to know and put their butts on.

The new seats will be made of vinyl, instead of the original wool that has cushioned travelers since the system was first rolled out in the early 1970s. The new covers will be installed on 100 the system's 669 train cars over the course of the month as part of a pilot program to see if BART's general ridership approves of the change.

"We have responded to our customers' needs and requests and wants for some new seats and cleaner floors," BART General Manager Grace Crunican told NBC Bay Area. "We are attempting to bring these seats in now to let the customers know that we care about what they think about."

The new seats will be significantly easier to clean, have a longer lifespan than the current cloth seats and be much cheaper to replace when the time for new seat covers finally arrives--$9,000 per train car versus the $15,500 it costs now.

Also, with these new vinyl seats everyone's butt can be a DJ.

The new covers are only the first step in a massive overhaul headed to BART in the coming decades that will see the system getting a brand new fleet of BMW-designed train cars.

If you want to see how the seats are dissembled (and, let's face it, you do), listen to this and play the video below.