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Chocolate Or Sex? Settling The Argument Once And For All (POLL)

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It seems that the age old question -- do women prefer chocolate or sex -- has finally been answered. At least for Jezebel readers. The publication has just concluded it's month-long face-off of sexual acts vs. types of chocolate.

The winner? Good, old-fashioned sex -- missionary style. Missionary trounced it's final competitor, brownies, by a wopping 6,350 votes to 3,443 votes. However, a survey from last October concluded that women thought about food and dieting more than they thought about sex, and in June Elle Canada reported on a study that found women found sex and chocolate equally compelling.

It's understandably a tough call. Chocolate is not only delicious, but has been shown to have (in moderation) a few health benefits, including decreased stroke risk, UV protection for your skin, improved blood flow and elevated mood. And besides being (hopefully) pleasurable, sex can help you burn calories, boost your immune system and lower your stress levels.

However from the looks of Jezebel's showdown, ladies would rather get down than chow down. This made us wonder what our readers would choose to give up. So vote! (And we've added a third option to make the stakes a little more interesting.)

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Which would you sacrifice first?


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