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'The Drop 10 Diet': 10 Stay-Slim Tips For Life

Special to The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 04/ 3/2012 8:32 am Updated: 04/ 3/2012 5:02 pm

Drop 10 Diet

When I lost 25 pounds five years ago everyone asked me: How'd you do it?

What diet are you on? What pill are you taking? The answer, boringly enough, is: I eat the healthiest foods I can find. It's not really a diet but a mindset-when you eat this way, you're never hungry, don't have to count calories and you can even have a treat every day. And no, I hate pills. I don't even take Tylenol. People would hear this and roll their eyes and huff and say, whatever. They chalked up my weight loss to the fact that I exercise a lot...but I have always exercised a lot and despite it, carried 20 to 25 extra pounds on me. I was fit underneath, but fat on top.

My turnaround came when I decided to ditch junk food and bring on superfoods-foods that naturally help your body burn fat and be healthier. (Two of my all-time faves-coffee and dark chocolate-qualify!) I started eating more of them and when the weight peeled off and stayed off, I knew I'd hit on something powerful. I put it all down in a book called The Drop 10 Diet because that's how many pounds you can lose in just 5 weeks, although you can keep going and lose as much as you want to. Eating this way, more than 40 testers shed weight equally as fast and as effortlessly as I did and now the idea has taken off.

The trick to the plan is to eat as many of the superfoods as you can at every meal and snack-each one is scientifically proven to help rev metabolism (protein and certain "good" fats do this) and shed belly fat (calcium is key). Some even keep every calorie you eat from sticking around (fiber is the magic ingredient here). By filling up on superfoods, you can, in just over one month, drop 10 pounds while staying full and satisfied. Plus, you'll have more energy, be less stressed, and feel more motivated to work out because you're fueling your body with the best nutrients Mother Nature can offer. Try it! There are 30 of these superfoods, including surprising picks like lean steak-its protein helps you build muscle, so your body burns more calories while you're sitting there reading this. Get The Drop 10 Diet and start losing, today! Let the foods do the work for you!

Be On Portion Patrol
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It's human nature to clean your plate -- and the more you're served (or serve yourself), the more you're likely to eat. For example, when researchers at Pennsylvania State University in University Park gave people standard-size meals for 11 days, then supersized them by 50 percent, diners took in 423 more calories per day. If you need help sticking to sensible portions when eating meals off the Drop 10 plan, downsize your dishes: Smaller plates hold less. Also, if you have trouble eyeballing servings, whip out measuring spoons and cups. It's worth taking a little extra time now so you won't see pounds appear later.

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