04/03/2012 07:47 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Sharks And Sunscreen: How You Can Live And Look Like A Surfing Roxy Girl (PHOTOS)

Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey have the best lives ever. They live in Hawaii, surf professionally and are Roxy Surf Team Riders, the first line dedicated to the female surf market. So how does this kind of life happen? "My parents went to Maui on honeymoon and never left!" Monyca says.

But it's not all sun and fun: both of these lovely surfer girls had a shark story. Monyca described sitting on her board waiting for a wave when she felt someone grab her leg. One terrifying second later she realized that it was a large dark mass laying next to her board. Thankfully the shark swam away, and she continues to surf daily, where her biggest concern is how to protect her skin from the sun (both girls swear by Vertra sunscreen stick).

If that shark story didn't scare you away from the beach, then get excited because Roxy is giving away a beach tote and blanket to the best comment below (full rules and regulations here). Check out the roundup of our favorite items from Roxy, including one adorable wetsuit that has me wanting to overcome my paralyzing fear of sharks...almost.


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