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Posted: 04/03/12 12:14 PM ET  |  Updated: 04/05/12 01:40 PM ET

Salma Hayek Burger King Commercial: Actress Talks Nerdy (PHOTO)

Would you like fries with that? Sultry Salma Hayek took a break from her signature sexpot status to talk nerdy for her latest project -- a Burger King commercial.

In the TV spot, Hayek plays a variety of characters, including a braces-baring geek, a high-strung mom and a sexy siren, hungry for Burger King's better-for-you meal options. We have a feeling that more than a few fries were fumbled while filming Hayek's latter character.

Did you recognize Hayek behind her spectacles, braided pigtails and dorky smile? We sure didn't.

Check out Hayek's nerdy look below:

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