04/03/2012 03:34 pm ET

'What It Is Like To Go To War': The Discussion Has Begun

This week we began reading the Karl Marlantes novel, 'What It Is Like To Go To War' and though Marlantes has just touched the surface of some very deep and serious issues, we've already got a few great talking points, and some fantastic blogs from our community.

What does one actually need to prepare for going to war? Are we sacrificing spiritual training for physical training?

What are our soldiers most unprepared for? How can we attempt to solve this?

"Many will argue that there is nothing remotely spiritual in combat," Marlantes argues. Do you agree?

Furthermore, Marlantes reminds us that part of being a Marine is the acceptance in learning that "pain is just weakness leaving the body." Does this kind of thinking actually negate the sort of empathy we should be preparing our troops with?

And we're still receiving amazing emails from former military.

"There is no further simplification. I'm struck by the absurdity of war..."

"What I don't understand is that if people start to attach a spiritual significance to causing the death of another person, this would be blurring the lines between the mentality of a soldier and for example an 'Islamist' or a Crusader?"

What do you think? We'd love to hear your reply over on our discussion page, or over on Twitter at the hashtag #hpbookclub.

And if you have a personal story from war, or a loved one going to war, tell us. We'd love to hear your perspective.

- Annemarie
Huffington Post Community Editor

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