04/04/2012 01:27 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Andy Warhol Sketch Bought for $5 At Garage Sale (VIDEO)

You know what they say--one man's trash is another man's treasure. Just ask one lucky British collector Andy Fields, who found an original Andy Warhol sketch hiding behind another picture he bought for $5 at a Las Vegas garage sale.

ABC's "Good Morning America" reports Fields was having the picture framed when he discovered the drawing, believed to have been sketched by Warhol as a child. It's estimated worth? A staggering $2 million.

That's the thing about garage sales--you never know what you'll find digging through items others have written off as junk. It's easy to snag a great find if you know what to look for. For instance, while it's extremely rare to come across something as valuable as a Warhol sketch, never pass up on a piece of art that catches your eye. As Marsha Bemko from Antiques Roadshow explained to us last year, folk art can often be worth a fortune. Even if it isn't, at the very least, you'll go home with an interesting piece that has a great story behind it.

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