04/04/2012 11:27 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Side Boob On Celebrities: How Much Is Too Much? (PHOTOS)

When did side boob become a thing? All of a sudden blogs and magazines are heralding the side boob, and advertisements show stunning models with just the slightest bit exposed. Gwyneth Paltrow just covered (or uncovered, as it were) the March issue of Harper's Bazaar in a black deep V jumpsuit that showcased a bit of it. Speaking of which, you know side boob is in when it keeps appearing on the cover of magazines (the latest offender: Lauren Conrad on Glamour). The term, coined when the outer curve of a breast is exposed, is now almost as provocative as the phrase "wardrobe malfunction."

You already know how I feel about breasts. There is nothing more beautiful and feminine, but on the red carpet I prefer a modest elegance. We already have enough cleavage and nip slips to last us well into the next century.

Take a look at the celebrities who have left little to the imagination and tell us, what do you think?

Celebrity Side Boobs

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