04/04/2012 12:54 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Iris Apfel: 'I'm Not An Empty-Headed Fashionista' (VIDEO)

Iris Apfel may be incredibly famous for her style, but that doesn't mean she spends a lot of time thinking about it. As the 90-year-old New Yorker -- who recently launched a line of makeup with M.A.C. Cosmetics -- quips to Stylelist Blogger Network member Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style, "I'm not an empty-headed fashionista who thinks about nothing but getting dressed."

Iris, who nevertheless always looks impeccable, is typically in a hurry in the morning and wears whatever is in the front of her closet, like "jeans and a sweater".

She advises everyone to focus on things outside themselves, explaining that she involves herself in activities that directly or indirectly benefit people. "If God is good to you you have to give back." She mentions that as one ages, it is very important to stay busy. Iris herself does charity work, lectures, museum shows and so much more.

Of aging itself she says "you have to think positively and not curl up in a ball because you're aging. I think it's a blessing when you age. You have to take advantage of it. And put your experience to work, and maybe some of your experience can benefit other people."

Apfel continued to say age "should be celebrated and not shunned. I have many friends who still won't tell me how old they are. So ridiculous! I think you should be happy about it. I'm happy to tell people I'm 90 years old."

Apfel delivers these pearls of wisdom while wearing an embellished antler necklace and her signature over-sized glasses. Check out Advanced Style for more inspiration.

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