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How Do You Make Your Matzo Brei?

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There's one thing that everyone knows is symbolic of Passover, and that's matzo. Right now we're seeing boxes of them everywhere in supermarkets (and we've tasted many too!). Matzo is eaten during Passover for the Seder, but it's also ingeniously made into recipes, like the classic matzo ball soup and a dish that's not as well known, matzo brei (see more recipes made with matzo).

If you're not familiar with matzo brei, it's a breakfast dish of matzo fried with eggs. The typical recipe starts by crumbling matzo, moistening it with water or milk and then frying it like a large omelet or like scrambled eggs. It can be prepared in both sweet and savory ways. Some like it lightly sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon or drenched in syrup like French toast. Others make it savory with sauteed onions. But there are many more ways to make matzo brei ...

Currently the web is abuzz with matzo brei recipes on blogs and food sites, from Adam Rapoport's mom's sweet version at to Sara Moulton's savory version at So we figured it's worth opening up the conversation to our readers. We want to hear about how you eat your matzo brei! Leave us comments or, better yet, show us your matzo brei creations!

Matzo Brei Recipes
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