04/04/2012 11:21 am ET

Olga L. Perdomo Charged In Attempted Robbery Foiled By Teller Who Said The Bank Was 'Closed'

A Chicago bank teller foiled a woman's attempt at a robbery by telling her that the bank was closed and that she should come back tomorrow.

When Olga L. Perdomo returned to the same bank five days later, she was charged with attempting to rob the Albany Bank and Trust, located at 3400 W. Lawrence on the city's Northwest Side, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

According to federal prosecutors, Perdomo had passed a note to the teller asking for "all of your money, no cops, no dye pack" around 5 p.m. on March 29, according to the Chicago Tribune.

But the teller responded by stating that the bank was closing and that the would-be robber should return another time.

Willie Weathersby was with Perdomo when she returned to the bank and was also charged with robbing the same bank of $2,589 on March 23, according to the Tribune.

Perdomo was arrested Tuesday and Weathersby was also nabbed after brief chase, WLS reports.