William Levy Naked Photos: Could There Be More Racy Images?

04/04/2012 03:51 pm ET | Updated Apr 04, 2012

Last week, "Dancing with the Stars" Latino hunk, William Levy, caused a sensation after racy photos from his former modeling days were passed around the blogosphere. But the few shots that were leaked are just the tip of the photographic iceberg.

"Maybe more photos will not be released, but they are out there," former Playgirl marketing vice president, Daniel Nardicio tells me. "I find that guys who like to show their junk, show it a lot. It's very rare for someone to do just one shoot -- trust me, he's probably got a phone full of pics of his business."

The producers of "Dancing With The Stars" confirmed to me last week that they knew about the images before William was offered a slot on the show. However, they couldn't possibly have known how racy the not-safe-for-work, never-released pictures might be.

“The images we have already seen do not leave much to the imagination,” InTouch news editor Marianne Garvey tells me. “If we are talking about pictures from the same shoot, I can’t imagine they will be much more graphic unless he is fully erect. But let's face it, models that are willing to do full frontal are also probably willing to do much more naughty stuff in front of the cameras."


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