Red Shoes, Green Bags and Blue Baubles: 15 Primary Color Accessories Under $100 (PHOTOS)

04/05/2012 07:56 am ET | Updated Jun 05, 2012

Remember learning about primary colors in preschool? Typically red, green and blue (though yellow is often included), the combination of any of these two will create a third color. We are particularly drawn to these shades right now -- the bold, saturated hues are a nice antidote to the muted pastels that are so popular in spring.

Primary colored accessories work well in your wardrobe all year long: wear them now with your summer whites for a beautiful pop of color, and when winter comes add them to your camels, navys and blacks for a bright accent. Or be brave: try colorblocking and wear the strong hues together. Our personal favorite way to wear these bright accessories? Paired with pastels -- the colors are so complementary. Think pale pink pants with a bright red belt or a mint green dress with blue heels. Check out our favorite primary colored accessories below, and get excited: they are all under $100.

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