04/05/2012 07:21 pm ET

Wedding Dress Found: Kentucky Farmer Searches For Gown's Owner After March Tornadoes

When northern Kentucky farmer Jon Trapp saw something white and lacy lying in his field after tornadoes hit the state in early March, he didn't think much of it, thinking it might just be a curtain.

But Trapp quickly realized that it wasn't a curtain at all -- it was a wedding dress, still on the hanger. He knew that it must have sentimental value to someone.

So last week he contacted Saving Memories, a website that connects people with items lost during the March 2 tornadoes, in an attempt to find the bride who owned the gown. "Saving Memories" tries to find the owners of found objects by posting photos of items on their website.

"It came out of someone's house, so obviously, the house is not standing," Trapp told Louisville news station WLKY. "It might bring joy to somebody to get something like that back."

The site also lists other personal items such as family photos, old report cards, a diploma and a yellow football jersey that were found following the deadly tornadoes.

Facebook groups like "Returning Memories to Tornado Victims" and "I Found Your Memory" are working to return items to their rightful owners as well.

No one has claimed the wedding dress yet.