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Hank Terlaje, Federal Employee, Celebrates Agency's Lavish Spending In Rap Video [WATCH]

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If you're a federal employee, it may be best not to rap about your agency's lavish spending, or you "rolling on 20s, yeah, in my G.O.V." And yes, G.O.V. stands for government owned vehicle.

Yet that's exactly what General Services Administration employee Hank Terlaje decided to do in a video that was shown at an extravagant conference the agency held in 2010, The Washington Post reports (h/t NPR).

Terlaje, in fact, won the event's employee talent show because of the video. The conference became a source of controversy after a report issued by the Office of the Inspector General found the event cost more than $820,000. Three top-level GSA employees were eventually ousted .

In the video, Terlaje jokes that he'll "never be under OIG investigation," ironically the exact same federal watchdog that issued the report. Perhaps even more cringeworthy are Terlaje's superiors comments upon awarding him top prize, including being named "honorary commissioner."

“The hotel would like to talk to you about paying for the party that was held in the commissioner [Robert Peck]’s suite last night,” Deputy Commissioner David Foley can be seen joking in front of the crowd. That party reportedly cost $2,000 and in part led to the firing of Peck, who was Public Building Services Chief at the time.

Check out the controversial video below:

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