04/06/2012 08:31 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2012

Steve Aoki's 'Cudi the Kid' Is A Mind Warp (VIDEO)

An electro, rock and rap mix sounds like it would veer scarily toward Linkin Park territory, but in the case of Steve Aoki's "Cudi the Kid," it works. Wednesday, Aoki released a video for the track featuring Travis Barker and Kid Cudi. "Cudi the Kid" is on Aoki's debut album Wonderland.

The video features the trio as young boys, biking through a post-apocalyptic circus hell. It's a mind warp of time travel, religious symbolism and some freaky clown action, all the while with an omnipresent, big brother-type peering down on the scene. Despite its borderline seizure-inducing qualities, or because of them, it's impossible to look away from the artistic chaos. This is one of the better cross-genre collaborations we've seen lately (alongside "Do Ya Thing").

Watch below for Steve Aoki's "Cudi the Kid:"

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