04/06/2012 01:44 pm ET | Updated Apr 06, 2012

Volante Derlan Attacks Referee During Iranduba-Sao Raimundo-AM Match (VIDEO)

The soccer game between Iranduba and Sao Raimundo-AM in Campeonato Amazonense in Brazil on Wednesday took a frightening turn when Iranduba's Volante Derlan attacked the referee.

According to Globo, Derlan received a yellow card but then saw red after directing an impolite gesture toward the ref. Once the official was informed by an assistant of that gesture, he showed Derlan a red card.

Derlan charged after the ref, threw some punches and was eventually arrested on the pitch.

Derlan was reportedly suspended for 30 days.

Unfortunately, hitting the referee isn't too uncommon. Last year in a Brazilian second division match between Esporte Clube Vitoria and Boa Esporte Clube, Rildo kicked the referee after receiving a red card. In an Iranian second division match, the entire Chooka Talesh squad along with some fans attacked the ref and forced him to flee. Referees in the United State are not immune to such attacks, either. In September 2011, a player and his coaches attacked a referee during a youth football game in Florida.