Clear Shoes, Bags And Accessories That Would Put A Smile On Cinderella's Face (PHOTOS)

04/09/2012 12:11 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

We all have neutral accessories in our wardrobes -- it's important to have accent pieces that go with everything. But what could be more versatile than a transparent shoe or handbag? Every few years we see lucite on the runways, and whether it's jewelry or box clutches, it always evokes an "Oh yeah, I need that" feeling.

Now we're not talking about the plastic jellies you may have had as a kid; we're thinking more along the lines of a chunky lucite heel on a beautiful pump, or an acid green belt in clear plastic. Fun and unexpected, they go with just about everything. Check out our gallery of clear accessories below -- Cinderella's glass slippers had nothing on these.

Stylelist 7: Clear Accessories

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