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HuffPost Book Club: 'What It Is Like To Go To War' Week 3 Update

If you live in or near Seattle, we'll be hosting a free event with author Karl Marlantes at the Elliot Bay Book Company on April 18th. We'd love to have you there to discuss these and more issues. Click here to reserve your place.

We have reached the end of Chapter Four in our discussions of 'What It Is Like To Go To War'. If you haven't started reading yet, it's not too late - the book is short, and a fast read. We'd be honored to add your voices to our discussions.

Among the talking points so far:

"This is one of the most eloquent, touching and thoughtful pieces of writing I have seen" wrote Notsupermom in response to one of our readers, Tracey Scharmann, who wrote an article on what it is like to watch your loved one go to war. Click here to read it.

Elsewhere, SpouseBuzz editor Jacey Eckhart has agreed to read with us - despite the fact that, she admits, "I am afraid of this book." Her husband is in the military, like her father before him. Yet, she says, "we ought to read this book together."

Some of the comments on her piece are heartbreaking.

And whether you read along with us or not, we strongly recommend you read the quotes from the book in this blogpost.

The questions we are asking as we read this book are far from simple:

• Is there a part of all of us that enjoys maiming, killing, and torturing?
Does the media portray war in a responsible manner?
• Should soldiers be resonsible for burying the dead of their enemies?

There are no right answers, but there is only goodness and humanity to be found in discussing these questions with honesty and respect. Leave your thoughts in the comments space on the page and/or tweet them using the hashtag #HPBookClub.

And if you've finished the book already, you can add your thoughts here.

Our next liveblog is on Sunday. We hope you'll join us then.

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