04/09/2012 05:56 pm ET

Veepstakes 'Outliers'

Jonthan Bernstein offers a reason to ignore the SCOTUS health care reaction polls.

Mark Mellman reviews the lessons of varying Obama approval polls.

Lynn Vavreck offers a defense of political science forecasts of election outcomes; Jay Ulfelder finds the value in predicting surprises (via Monkey Cage).

Clifford Young predicts an Obama victory.

Christian Heinz says Gallup omits key states from its "swing state" poll; Jonathan Chait says it doesn't.

Gallup reports highest economic confidence since January 2008.

Scott Rasmussen headlined two Republican fundraisers, according to Media Matters.

Rick Santorum attacks Franklin & Marshall College pollster G. Gerry Madonna;
PennLive has more.

New Hampshire sues another campaign over message testing labeled "push polling."

Pew Hispanic Center reports on self-identity of Hispanic adults.

Ruy Teixeira and Sean Trende will debate the future of political coalitions in DC on April 11.

National Journal Insiders rate GOP VP prospects.


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