04/10/2012 04:31 pm ET

Joss Whedon: Directing 'Avengers' Was 'Like Herding Adorable Kittens'

Joss Whedon ("The Avengers," "Firefly," "Serenity," "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," "Dollhouse") is at this very moment holding IAMA court over on Reddit and discussing all manner of Whedonisms.

Not surprisingly, the tone of the Q&A session started with pleas from Redditors for Whedon to fire back up the cult hit TV series "Firefly" which only lasted one season. "The Avengers" who?

Whedon did get around to answering some questions on the "The Avengers" after repeatedly stating there won't be a continuation of the "Firefly" series -- even if fans do start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to buy the rights to the show.

"How was working with the 'Avengers' team?" Redditor Vithren asked. Whedon's response? "Like herding adorable kittens."

Indeed. He later goes on to say that working with the star cast "was easy because they looked after each other" and that it "really was a dream ensemble."

Other interesting tidbits from the Reddit IAMA session include that Whedon adores spaceships (specifically spaceships in trouble), Shakespeare, movie scores and "Dune".

Whedon is set for a big spring and summer with the soon to be released "Cabin In The Woods" which he co-wrote, followed in May by "The Avengers".

For more of candid Joss Whedon head over to the Reddit thread where -- as of this writing -- he was still answering questions.

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