04/10/2012 03:54 pm ET

MTA Subway Ridership 1.6 Billion In 2011

The MTA released new figures detailing subway ridership is on the rise (again), climbing to a staggering grand total of 1,640,434,672 rides in 2011.

As expected, the busiest station of the 421 accounted for is Times Square-42nd Street. Nine of the top ten busiest stations are located in Manhattan, the sole exception being Flushing-Main Street in Queens.

Gothamist took a dive into the numbers and dug up some interesting facts including the controversial Aqueduct Racino's big effect on ridership, almost doubling it in less than a year.

Also noted was the G train's effect on some Brooklyn stations, giving the "Save The G Train" campaign crucial support for Brooklyn commuters opposing the MTA's planned removal of the temporary extension.

Unfortunately however, 2011 also saw an uptick in the number of people hit by trains, with 147 passengers hit, up from 128 in 2010. The increase could be attributed to the system's increased ridership.

To see where your subway ranks, check out the MTA's massive spreadsheet below.

2011 Subway Ridership w Ranks