04/11/2012 08:01 am ET

Detroit Music: Songs From Our Spotify Playlist To Yours

Detroit's been a music town for as long as most people can remember, whether you were in the crowd when MC5 played the Grande Ballroom or too young to see Eminem's R-rated "8 Mile" in theaters.

From Motown to techno, the city's been a breeding ground for new genres and rising stars, going back to the early 20th century.

And we'd like to believe Detroit has some of the best music fans, too -- it's hard to live here and not be one, whether you go to the Blowout, Movement or the Jazz Fest. Your HuffPost Detroit editors are no exception. Below, listen to just a few of our favorite songs from Detroit artists, and tell us your favorites we missed in the comments. And, as always, kick out the jams!