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'Don't Trust The B---- In Apt. 23': James Van Der Beek And 14 More Stars Who've Played Themselves On TV

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 04/11/2012 9:02 am Updated: 04/11/2012 9:21 am

Apt 23
"Don't Trust The B---- In Apt. 23's" James Van Der Beek and more stars who've played themselves on TV

We love a good comedic celebrity cameo. From Oprah Winfrey on "30 Rock" to Carl Weathers on "Arrested Development" and pretty much everyone on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," there's just something amazing about actors who have enough self-awareness to spoof themselves.

"Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" (premieres Wed., Apr. 11, 9:30 p.m. on ABC) has really embraced the "actors playing themselves" thing, tapping star James Van Der Beek to do just that, mocking his "Dawson's Creek" roots and his particularly bizarre place in the world of fame. But Dawson The Beek James isn't alone in the self-mockery; "Superman" star Dean Cain, "Hercules" himself Kevin Sorbo and "Mad Men's" Sally Draper, a.k.a. Kiernan Shipka, are all popping by "Apartment 23" to play "themselves."

To honor their obvious love of lampooning, we've compiled a list of our own favorite self-parodying celebs on TV and feel free to share yours in the comments.

Carl Weathers, "Arrested Development"
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This pro football player-turned-"Rocky" actor honed his comedy chops in Adam Sandler movies (his one-handed golf pro Chubbs was a "Happy Gilmore" highlight), but it's his self-mockery on "Arrested Development" that truly stands out. Hired by Tobias Funke (David Cross) as an acting coach, Carl Weathers had some unconventional teaching techniques and a strange love of stew.