04/11/2012 10:25 am ET

What Your Favorite Mad Men Character Says About You

We all love Mad Men. (Don't debate with me, Game of Thrones people, there can only be one Best Show Ever, and it clearly takes place at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.) There is at least one character for each of us that attains the perfect combination of despicable, self-loathing, sexually deviant, and cruelly witty to make our hearts melt. "It's me," we think, "if I lived in 60's Manhattan and had limitless access to workplace booze and bored housewife panties." But what does your favorite character actually say about you -- the real you, living in boring old 2012? Let's find out.

Don Draper

First and foremost, you look good. Or, at least, you want to look good. You probably read a decent amount of GQ, Magnificent Bastard, and The Sartorialist, even if you don't always follow their rules to the letter. Because Don Draper is no longer a person -- even on the show, really -- and is more a cultural statement, or a collective wish for society to return to the days when men cared only about themselves and the cut of their suit jacket, you're probably not the nicest guy in your group. If you idolize DD, there is a good chance it's not just his nice Cadillac and spacious loft you're lusting after. You probably wouldn't mind stepping back in time before your significant other could metaphorically chain a cell phone to your ankle and follow you around electronically at any and all times. "Where are you?" "Why did you get home so late?" "Who was that girl?" are probably not music to your ears. You are trying to bring back the fedora, though, and that is an uphill battle if I've ever seen one. You fight the Good Fight, guys, and take it back from the awkward nerds at prom.

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