04/11/2012 08:19 am ET | Updated Apr 11, 2012

HuffPost Denver's Favorite Colorado Bands (That Have Songs On Spotify) Playlist

Denver, and Colorado at-large, has one of the most vibrant and rich music scenes in the country. As a way to celebrate a tiny fraction of the local music that moves and inspires us at The Huffington Post, we created: "HuffPost Denver's Favorite Colorado Bands (That Have Songs On Spotify)" playlist!

The playlist is an eclectic mix of artists and bands from Colorado's past and present -- from Glenn Miller to Warlock Pinchers to 3OH!3 to John Denver to Pictureplane.

This playlist is by no means comprehensive, there are so many great bands from Colorado, some weren't on Spotify, and we were already pushing 30 tracks as it is. What do you think of the mix? Any bands/artists that we missed that should be on here? What's your favorite track? Let us know in your comments below.

Turn it up, enjoy and stay tuned for more Spotify playlists to come!