04/11/2012 03:12 pm ET

Nicolas Cage Tackles John Cage In Internet Triumph "Cage Does Cage" (VIDEO)

Nicolas Cage is loved far and wide for his masterful combination of screaming and whispering. Yet even Nic knows when to shut his mouth and let magic happen. Let us introduce our new favorite internet find, where Nic Cage's most dumbstruck moments provide the perfect accompaniment to John Cage's avant-garde tribute to silence.

John Cage's "4'33" is an experimental composition made in 1952 which can be played, or rather, not played, by any instrument. The piece consists of the musician not playing said instrument for the entire four minute 33 second long piece, allowing the sounds of the surrounding environment to take center stage. The composition was Cage's masterpiece and remains controversial to this day.

Enter our other favorite Cage. While subtlety isn't exactly Nic's forte, this video, made by Adam Lucas, shows some of Cage's best strong and silent moments. Sit back, relax and give in to the strange and magical force that is Nicolas Cage.