04/13/2012 09:42 am ET

Travis Forbes Writes From Prison That He Can't Look At Himself In The Mirror (WATCH)

From a prison in Canon City where he is serving life plus 48 years, Travis Forbes appears to be busy writing letters.

Forbes, 32, is serving his prison sentence at the Colorado State Penitentiary--housing the state's "most violent, dangerous, and disruptive offenders"--for the 2011 murder of Kenia Monge and attempted murder of Lydia Tillman.

When 9News reporter Anastasiya Bolton sent Forbes two letters asking for an on-camera interview, she reportedly received his response in the form of a 16-page letter that expressed anger and guilt but no explanations.

"I've covered my mirror with paper so I don't have to look at myself when I brush my teeth," Forbes wrote.

Forbes pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in September in exchange for prosecutors' promise not to seek the death penalty. The miraculous survival of his second victim, Tillman, was crucial to catching Forbes and obtaining his confession.

Last July, Tillman had jumped out of the second-story window of her apartment after Forbes assaulted her and lit it on fire trying to cover up his tracks. Though her jump resulted in a stroke that left her in a coma and unable to speak, her survival ensured the preservation of DNA evidence that locked up Forbes.

It was only after he was in custody for assaulting Tillman, that the pieces of Kenia Monge's disappearance started coming together.

"It's better to know and it's better not to know at the same time," Tony Lee, Kenia Monge's father told the Denver Post in March. "You hope your case is going to be that miracle, like that (Elizabeth) Smart girl, even though a reasonable person knows that's probably not going to be the case."

In her memory, Kenia's family set up The Kenia Monge Foundation to help educate women about safety and awareness as well as help families of missing victims with financial and emotional support.

On April 1st, friends and family members also staged a walk in remembrance of Kenia on the anniversary of her disappearance.