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Posted: 04/12/2012 2:43 pm Updated: 04/13/2012 1:13 pm

Take it from us - Coachella is getting bigger and bigger each year. Going strong since 1999, the three-day musical orgy set in the desert near Palm Springs, Calif. is the benchmark of rock n' roll on the West Coast (sorry Outside Lands), and, at least from LA's perspective, is the official bugle call of summer.

Each year, we wait with bated breath for the official lineup to be announced, but swoon-worthy desert houses, car camping spots and even festival passes sell months and months in advance of knowing who is playing that year.

This year's Coachella sets itself apart for two reasons. One, the weather forecast is vastly milder than any year in recent memory. Fans typically sweat off layers of clothing as highs can reach well over 100 degrees, but this year temperature predictions are in the mere 80s and there are even whispers of rain (gasp)! Secondly, Coachella has cloned itself into two identical back-to-back weekends, and only time will tell if they know what they're doing -- or if a second weekend will only dilute the waters of the fountain of youth that is COACHELLA.

Want to make sure you're prepared for one of the most epic weekends of the year? Not to worry.

Follow our easy steps below and you'll be desert dancing through your magical mystery tour of Coachella 2012:

Balance Layers And Style
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Know the difference between day clothes and night clothes. For day, girls should think cut off shorts, printed tops, sundresses, bathing suits or anything sold at Urban Outfitters. Guys are safe with shorts, throw back t-shirts or anything you owned in the 1990s. Remember, we're in the desert so it's hot during the day and cool at night. Don't catch a chill once the sun sets. Bring layers that still look good in photographs. The potential for rain really throws a wrench in the plans, so bring something you don't mind getting dirty. A mud-stomping Black Keys concert might prove to be the most Instagram-able event of the year.